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Constellation Work with the Systemic Board

A new effective way of solving problems
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Constellation Work with the Systemic Board

Time & Location

22 Jun 2020, 18:00 – 22:00 GMT+8
WeWork, 2nd Floor, 135 Yan Ping Road, Jingan, Shanghai

About the Event

Systemic constellations bring the real issues to light. 

With the help of the constellation work you can go deeper into an unconscious field and find out where you are unsuccessfully bound in entanglements. You must first discover them to solve them.

Systemic constellations give you space and freedom to make decisions that change the situation.

 Is there anything that is not easy about being the gender you are? My guess is that about 100% of people probably said yes to that. Constellations can give “a new understanding of the disorders and stories that lie in the masculine and feminine fields of our time.” This is just one example of how constellations give a sense of choice in an area where it often feels like there is none.

Systemic constellations affect all levels of our being. 

Physically embodying something changes things on more than one level. Talking about issues we have in our lives might help something, thinking about them might also help, feeling strongly about them. But holistic change only comes when we act.

In a mysterious way constellations allow us to embody the most relevant elements within the situation. This means that they directly affect us on the level we need change on. It also explains why they easily handled a problem that seemed intractable to me.

Systemic constellations bring healing to our wider circles. We all live within networks of connection – to our family members, work mates, societies, countries. After my experiences of systemic constellations, I believe that what people do in them affects these wider circles as well. You will be surprised how much you can solve and heal – not just for yourself but also for your entire family, especially your children and for the collective field we all work for.

Themes of Personal Constellations

·  Personal domain (personal constellations including relationship, illness and money constellations, work-life balance issues).

·  My relationship with my partner, parents or children is not going well.

·  Illness. Why am I always sick or ill?

·  Insights about which professional route to take.

·  Insights about your professional life: what is my position in the company? Is it better to leave? Or to start something myself?

·  What is in the way of being successful?

·  Not having much energy. Feeling pressure. There must be a better way in my life. I want to be happy. I want to have inner freedom.

·  Experiencing stress.

·  Money issues.

·  Recurring pattern like:

o  Always attract the wrong partner.

o  Accidents.

o  Hot potato: attract money and spend it very quickly.

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