Some people or businessperson come to LeapRight because they have specific questions or problems. Others come because they want to develop their business in a harmoniously and better way. They want to make sure that their success is sustainable. For that, the constellation method is very valuable because you can see where you and your business are and what needs to develop harmoniously and successfully in the future.

For instance, if you have a new project that you are starting, or you want to open a new market, you analyze all the factors that you are aware of. Still, there are always factors you don't see. Rather than just walking blindfolded into the difficulties, you use the Business Constellation method to see what obstacles there might be when you want to reach your goals. The constellation might show you very clearly where the traps are. You then can intelligently find new ways to achieve your goals. We at LeapRight believe that this method can be used for every company to develop better with high benefits and values. 

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